COVID19. These are my Health and Safety Requirements, in line with guidance from the Government, ( Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency and the Driving Instructors' Association.

Prior to your driving lesson.

I undertake to call the pupil the day before  the lesson is scheduled, to check if they have had any symptoms of the virus within the last 7 days or have been in contact with anyone who is showing symptoms or has done so within the last 7 days. If yes, to any of these points, the lesson will not go ahead. 

My pupils will be required to wash their hands immediately before leaving for their lesson. Hand sanitiser will be available and this must be used prior to getting into the vehicle. 


The pupil and myself will both wear face masks.  If there is a medical reason for the pupil not to wear one, then this will have to be discussed.  

The windows will be open sufficiently to aid ventilation during the lesson and therefore the inside of the vehicle might be cooler than normal.

The use of the air conditioning will be avoided especially use of recirculated air.

I shall ensure the vehicle’s contact points are clean immediately before they enter the vehicle; door handles inside and out, windows and mirror controls, internal mirror and visor, seat and head restraints, seatbelt, gear lever, steering wheel, indicator and wiper stalks, car keys.  This enables the pupil to be satisfied that the vehicle is suitably clean; this reduces anxiety.

Personal Protective Equipment.

Each pupil is required to wear a new paper face mask.  This ensures that the PPE is clean and effective.


During the lesson;

Any lengthy conversation may be taken outside the vehicle.  

If either the pupil or myself feel unwell during the lesson, it must be terminated.  If this is due to the pupil’s health, then they must bear the cost.


Covid 19 Repercussions.

If one of my pupils or a contact of their’s starts to experience symptoms, then I must be free to cancel any further lessons if necessary.

If a pupil cancels their lesson within 48 hours, then, as previously required, the lesson must be paid for in full. 

If the reason for cancelling is Covid19  and this can be proven from test results, then the cost will be waived.